is Laser for me?

Your own expectations, along with the advice of your eye care professional, are the main points that need to be addressed when considering Laser Vision Correction (LVC). A majority of short-sighted, long-sighted and astigmatic people are suitable candidates for this type of procedure. Your vision after LVC is, in part, determined by the level of your vision before the procedure. A majority of patients find they are able to obtain vision equal to the vision their glasses or contact lenses were able to give them before the procedure.

While many patients choose to have LVC because they do not like wearing glasses or contact lenses, the procedure can be more than cosmetic. As you get older the eye tends to become drier, making contact lens wear more difficult or unsuitable. Also in certain lifestyle activities and jobs, the use of glasses can be inconvenient or inappropriate. If you agree with one or more of the following statements, then LVC may well be worth considering:

  • I find wearing contact lenses/glasses inconvenient
  • I have tried contact lenses but I find them too uncomfortable
  • I dislike the constant reliance I have on my contact lenses/glasses
  • My contact lenses/glasses limit my lifestyle activities
  • I am unhappy with the ongoing costs of my contact lenses/glasses
  • I understand that laser vision correction could reduce or eliminate my dependency on my current contact lenses/glasses, but may not result in perfect vision.

The best candidates for LVC tend to be individuals who are dissatisfied with the usual methods of vision correction (i.e. glasses or contact lenses) and are motivated to make a change. These candidates are realistic in their expectations of the vision they wish to achieve. There are some ocular and medical conditions that may make you unsuitable for LVC. However, if you answer yes to a majority of the following statements, then you are most likely a suitable candidate for laser vision correction.

  • You are at least 21 years old
  • Your contact lens/glasses prescription has been stable for at least 24 months
  • You do not have a history of corneal diseases or conditions
  • You have no significant ocular or medical problems or conditions
  • You are not pregnant

Your eyecare professional can advise you after an assessment as to your ultimate suitability for LVC.