Ashford Advanced Eye Care - Dr Viki Andersons Headshot

As one of the few female ophthalmologists in South Australia, Dr Viki Andersons has developed into one of the leading surgeons in her field specialising in Laser Vision Correction and cataract surgery. Her 20+ years experience in the medical field together with her caring and thorough approach to patients has made her a very respected, successful surgeon.

Dr Andersons established her North Adelaide general ophthalmology and cataract clinic in 1987. She relocated to the Ashford area, close to the Ashford Hospital and the Ashford Specialist Centre in 1990 expanding her already busy private practice. Having undergone training in all aspects of modern ophthalmic surgery and technology, she undertook further training to specialise in Laser Vision Correction in 1992 and began performing laser excimer procedures thereafter. Dr Andersons developed Ashford Advanced Eye Care in 1999, a purpose built facility to cater for her specialty in laser vision correction and cataract surgery.

Not only has Dr Andersons excelled in the ophthalmology field, she is also a Colonel in the Royal Australian Army Reserves. Having 20+ years experience in the Army, she was the first female officer in Australia to command a field force unit, the 3rd Field Ambulance in 1992. She has also commanded 3rd Health Support Battalion on active service in East Timor, the first reserve unit to deploy overseas since WW2. She is currently a consultant to the Directorate of Military Medicine and has rewritten the military policy on refractive surgery.