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Associate Professor Michael Goggin is a renowned Adelaide specialist with industry leading expertise, and proven results in laser and cataract surgery.

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Our aim at Ashford Advanced Eye Care is to give you a clear future - without the need for contact lenses or glasses.

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Dr Ben LaHood

Dr Ben LaHood is an ophthalmologist specialising in cataract surgery, laser vision correction and anterior segment conditions. His main area of expertise is providing patients with options to be completely free of glasses or contact lenses.

Ashford Advance Eye Care is a purpose built facility that offers laser eye surgery, cataract surgery as well as general ophthalmology services.

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Our Technology

Ashford Advanced Eye Care uses the iVis Laser Vision Correction Suite with the iRES excimer laser system specifically developed to perform customized laser vision correction, a new generation of high definition corneal mapping and pupil analysis.

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